06 April 2022

idverde Donates Bird Boxes To Greening The Green Project

idverde has continued its support for the Greening The Green project in the Exmoor village of Brompton Regis by providing bird boxes installed in the local village green.

The Greening The Green project was conceived during the lockdown, and plans were put in place to promote biodiversity in the area. Natural England, the government’s advisor for the natural environment, sponsors the creation of the village green for the community.

Working with Somerset West and Taunton Council, idverde previously provided three bug hotels in 2021, which helped start the project. Further plans for the project include nesting boxes, a wildflower area and a pond for frogs. These plans will play a part in the wider initiative to protect and improve biodiversity, which was identified as a priority in the emerging climate change strategy. idverde has now donated two bird boxes as part of the three-to-five-year project in the village green.

The boxes were installed on the side of the barn, on the south side of the green. They are situated next to the newly planted edible hedge which provides food and shelter for birds and other wildlife like hibernating hedgehogs and insects such as beetles and butterflies.

The UK has seen a severe decline in many bird species over the last 30 years due to the loss of habitat needed to survive, and these new bird boxes and hedges hope to encourage more birds within the area.

greening the green

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