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12 January 2022

Bumblebee Conservation Trust to Become idverde’s New Charity Partner

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust, which was established because of serious concerns about the population of the bumblebee, is to become idverde’s next charity partner in 2022.

In 2021, idverde shortlisted three charities nominated internally to become our next charity partner. These charities were the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Macmillan Cancer Support, and Help for Heroes. It was then put to a public vote, with fundraising starting in 2022 for the charity that receives the most votes. After a month of voting, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust took the lead. The charity received 89% of the public votes. Here are just a few reasons why people chose the Bumblebee Conservation Trust:

“Everything in our human lives depends on nature - all of our natural resources underpin our economies. As a society, we are increasingly dependent on pollinators. Pollinators play a vital role in our lives. They make it possible for us to grow crops such as fruit and vegetables and to enjoy thriving parks and our gardens and the wider natural landscape. Without them, our diets, our health and our lives would be less rich and our food scarce and expensive, and with much less variety”
“It’s so important to support bees! It's worrying that attention for the environment will drop after COP26 is over, and your support could ensure that this attention continues with this organisation”
“By looking after our natural environment we'll be in a far stronger position to look after the people that depend on it.”

How the Bumblebee Conservation Trust helps

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust raises awareness of the plight of the bumblebees amongst the general public, landowners, policymakers and other interested parties. Raising awareness is key to making people take action, so the charity focuses on projects that get the important message across about saving the bees. Additionally, the charity helps farmers in areas that house the rarest species of bees by suggesting changes to help flowers bloom and bee populations rise.

The Bumblebee Conservation has a range of ongoing projects in place such as Bee the Change, Pollinating the Peak, and Saving the Great Yellow Bumblebee.  These projects address the issues we face and suggest ways we can help preserve the population in our local areas.

How idverde will support the charity

Biodiversity remains a key focus for idverde as part of our sustainability strategy. We are continuously making changes to the delivery of our services to become more biodiversity conscious and doing what we can as a company to help preserve the bee population. 

With the charity aligning with our company values, we are looking forward to partnering with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and arranging fundraising events throughout the year to raise money for such an important cause.

“Bumblebees do an amazing job pollinating our crops and wildflowers and we’re thrilled to be chosen as idverde’s charity partner for 2022. Their support will make a huge difference to our work inspiring people across the country to take action to help bumblebees. Working together we can secure a bright future for these iconic, engaging, fluffy, buzzy, amiable creatures, which play a vital role in our food security, and provide the delightful sound of summer across our towns and countryside.” - Gill Perkins, CEO, Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Find out how you can support the charity here.

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